Large or small firm

Unique Legal Marketing Solutions to Suit to Your Needs

DotCO Law Marketing has an advertising solution for you regardless of whether your firm is seeking a large, national presence in a certain practice area, or you are a small firm or solo practitioner just looking to purchase a few advertisements. Don’t overspend on advertising that doesn’t get you the results you want.

A Customizable Approach to Lawyer Marketing

Any firm looking to grow their practice and their visibility, whether on a local, regional, or national scale can improve their web presence and expand their business with DotCO’s budget-friendly advertising options.

DotCO’s services are part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. They can, but need not serve as your firm’s website. In fact, we recommend maintaining your own website and also advertising on our sites. By doing so, you can cast a wider net, bring in more clients, and even increase traffic to your firm’s website.

Consider advertising with DotCO even if…

  • Your firm already has a website – you can increase traffic by linking from your DotCO advertisement!
  • You’re already listed in other legal directories – “being everywhere” gets lawyers a lot of business and allows you to outpace the competition.
  • Your firm is already getting enough business – bringing in more business allows you to be more selective with which of those cases you decide to tackle. Often, the result is that your firm gets more of the types of cases you enjoy handling and the cases that have bigger payoffs.
  • You don’t want to sink more money into advertising that might not work – many lawyers worry that they are going to pay a high premium for any online advertising, and that the advertising won’t give them the results they want. With DotCO, however, our sites rank highly and we offer advertising for a one-time low fee.