Local Marketing

Geographic and Practice Area Specific Attorney Advertising

Location is one of the most important factors to getting you the clients you want. Like most things nowadays, people turn to the internet when they are looking for a lawyer. One of the most common searches a potential client might run involves both their location and the type of injury or legal specialty they are searching for.

Map of United States

A person living in Houston, Texas who was injured in a car accident, for example, might search “Houston car accident lawyer” or “Houston personal injury lawyer.” This is where DotCO can help you. DotCO owns thousands of websites that are each “exact match domains” within 21 different legal practice areas.

The Power of Exact Match Domains

Each of our site’s domain names includes the name of the city and practice area for which you wish to advertise. As a result, when a prospective client searches for a local attorney that works in your area of law, our site’s domain name will match the keywords he or she types into the search engine to find a lawyer of your specialty. This is an exact match domain, or EMD.

Being able to purchase an EMD for a legal website is nearly impossible at this point in time. Almost every valuable EMD has already been purchased, and rightfully so. EMDs provide you with the best opportunity to be a top result in a Google, Bing, or Yahoo search. EMDs, however, generally limit your ability to build your firm’s brand name. Thus, the issue of whether to focus on building a brand name or to use an EMD to obtain a better search result can be a difficult one to answer.

DotCO gives you the best of both worlds. Our services allow you to receive the benefit of our EMD names while building your firm’s brand name and avoiding the pitfalls of owning and running an EMD website yourself. Although this all sounds very complicated, the bottom line is simple.

Save money and build a stronger web presence by advertising with DotCO.