Your Website Sucks!

We mean that in the nicest possible way of course.

Here’s the problem…

Your web site may be pretty to look at. It may say a lot of nice things about you and your law firm. It may even include a few nice things customers and clients have said about you in the past. But is your web site REALLY working? If it is not showing up highly on the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) for the right types of search phrases, then it doesn’t stand a chance of delivering cases for you.

Like it or not, search engines matter… a lot!

In the US alone, the big search engines saw over SIXTEEN BILLION searches in May 2011, up 5% from the month before. Google alone brought in nearly TEN BILLION DOLLARS in revenue in Q3 2011! No longer can law firms sit idly by and claim that their clients “are not on Google” or that they “don’t search for lawyers online.” If you continue to bury your head in the sand, you’ll be on the wrong side of history (if you are not already). The problem is if you are not already performing well on the search engines you have a long hard road to success. There are two main ways you can get there:

Hire an expert!

1. Hire a reputable SEO company (good luck separating the wheat from the chaff);

2. Spend tens of thousands of dollars (or much more depending on your city and practice area) with absolutely no guarantee of success;

3. Pray the SEO company doesn’t overdo it and get your web site banned from the search engines or otherwise penalized.

Sounds like a lot of work… Of course there is an alternative approach.


Do it yourself!

1. Decide to stop practicing law and learn all about SEO, web site design and copywriting yourself;

2. Spend countless hours surfing the web learning about the Google algorithm;

3. Over time develop a high quality BS filter to separate the real practitioners from the charlatans so you know who’s info to trust;

4. Develop your own testing regimen and online properties to test the hypotheses you develop through all that research;

5. Apply all that you have learned to your law firm web site;

6. Pray that you didn’t overdo it and get your web site banned from the search engines or otherwise penalized.

Again, sounds like a lot of work and a good deal of risk. The good news is there is a third way, an innovate way, a new way to compete for your local search engine traffic.

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