In Over Your Head?

OK, seriously…can we get a show of hands?

Did you go to law school so you could actually practice law?

Well, did you?

I just want to practice law!

Yeah. That’s what we thought.

Then why in the world are you spending all your time learning about web marketing and search engine algorithms?

Does it really help your CLIENTS if you know the intricate differences between .jpg and .png? Does knowing about graphical design and web hosting solutions help you better resolve your clients’ conflicts? We doubt it.

In over your head?

Of course, the reality is you probably felt your hand was forced. You know you NEED to be on the web. You know you NEED to be competitive. Perhaps you tried one of the “Big Box” web marketing solutions and it didn’t really work for you. Maybe you hired an SEO consultant that took your money without doing much for your site. Or worse, perhaps he was the wrong sort of SEO and got your site penalized or banned by Google.

We’re here to help.

With DotCO driving consumers to your web site, there’s no need to attend search engine conferences, or lurk on search engine billboards. You can still do that if you actually enjoy it…

But, wouldn’t you rather be practicing law?

Yeah. We thought so.