Focused on your practice

One of the challenges of marketing a law firm is getting your firm in front of consumers at the right time. That’s one of the main issues with typical broadcast advertising opportunities. It’s great to get your name in front of consumers. The problem is 99.99% of the people who hear your message do not actually need your services at that moment in time. Many will probably NEVER need your services. And yet, you’re paying to get your brand in front of them. Repeatedly.

For years we were told that directories solved this problem, because after all, why would someone be looking in a directory for a lawyer if they didn’t need to hire one?

Motorcycle Accident

That might be true, but what if your practice focuses on one of the more esoteric specialties within law? What if your practice area is outside the norm of what most consumers know? What if you focus your practice on a sub-specialty like motorcycle accidents or social security disability law Рor one of a dozen other practice areas where consumers have little or no idea what you do?


But the internet has changed that. Dramatically.

Today, people search for everything.

And the good news is DotCO has thought of everything too!

We have sites in dozens of practice areas, and the ability to create even more!

If your practice is limited to a specific area of the law, and if consumers need your services, chances are we’ve got you covered.

By advertising on a DotCO site that targets your geography and practice area, you are dramatically increasing your odds of successfully generating business from the internet.

We have sites dedicated to the following practice areas:

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Brain Injury Lawyer

Burn Injury Lawyer

Car Accident Lawyer

Christian Lawyer

Commercial Lawyer

Criminal Defense Attorney

Divorce Lawyer

DUI Lawyer

Immigration Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer

Product Liability Attorney

Social Security Lawyer

Truck Accident Lawyer

Wrongful Death Lawyer

And we have more practice areas on the way!

If you don’t see your practice area listed, do not fret! Give us a call instead! You’ll be glad you did.