What Sets Attorney Marketing by DotCO Apart?

Apart from the low cost, perhaps the biggest difference that sets DotCO apart from other legal marketing services is that we aren’t just a directory where your advertisement will likely be buried among hundreds of other attorney advertisements. Instead, we offer a limited number of attorney advertisements per page, so you can be sure you stand out from the crowd.

Get Noticed!

Getting noticed is what marketing is all about and is the reason why attorneys spend millions of dollars each year. Getting noticed gets you business. It’s as simple as that. DotCO Law Marketing offers a unique service – not just another lawyer directory. We own thousands of city, state, and practice area specific websites filled with informative legal content, and you have the opportunity to advertise on each page of these sites for a fraction of the price you’d spend with another service.

Even if your firm already has a website, it likely isn’t showing up in top search engine results. By advertising with DotCO, not only can you get noticed on our sites, but you can also direct potential clients to your own website.

Improving your law firm’s visibility is our business.