Can DotCO Help You?


We’re not perfect for every law firm.

Unlike many other lawyer marketing companies out there, we admit that DotCO is not a great fit for everyone.

We realize this may seem really strange to you.

After all, many other companies are busting down the door of every law firm in the country trying to sell them one thing or another. We know. DotCO is made up of lawyers who have slammed the phone on those people.

But, we’re different.

We know better.

We’ve built something that does not exist anywhere else in the legal space. A marketing opportunity so rare (some might say “crazy”) that it has never even been attempted before.

DotCO is Not For Everyone

You may be wondering what types of law firms we think are a good fit for DotCO. Here are some of the types of law firms we love working with:

 The Dominator: You are one of the very best firms in your practice area in the city (or perhaps the state or region). You know the impact marketing your firm well can have on your bottom line. Your firm is almost always “in the mix” for the biggest cases in your wheelhouse. The big divorces, the worst personal injury cases, the celebrity DUI…these are your stock in trade. Your competitors would say you are “everywhere” when  it comes to marketing your firm.

To your firm, DotCO represents an entirely new way to fill up your sales funnel. We can provide massive reach (city, state, regional, or national campaigns are easy). DotCO can provide you with ads, leads or a combination of both, depending on your practice area. And we can do all of that at an astonishingly affordable price.

The Young Buck: You are a member of the ABA Young Lawyer section who is an up-and-coming talent in need of cases to grow your practice. You may have a web site, and if you do, chances are you’ve been doing internet marketing on your own. Blogging, along with Twitter, Facebook, and video updates are the mainstays of your online marketing efforts.

To your firm, DotCO can provide a highly specific and targeted advertising opportunity for very little money. Did we mention that over 95% of DotCO ads cost only $500 a year? Just to wrap your head around this, we think you should learn more about our mind blowingly low prices and compare us to the “big box” legal marketers out there.

The Early Adopter: You are ahead of the curve in your adoption of new technologies. You believe that the Internet has incredible potential if utilized effectively. You may have a killer web site now, but the odds are against it being incredibly effective because they can be so darned expensive. Instead, you’ve probably bootstrapped and built your own web site or at least wrote it yourself. But you KNOW that if you could just get yourself in front of more people on the web, that your practice would take off.

For your firm, DotCO represents an amazing new opportunity. We are a partner that will ensure your existing web presence gets seen, by the right people, and at the right time. Your web site is useless if nobody sees it. We are a cost-effective way of driving additional people to your site.

Regardless of the specifics of your situation, if you have finally come to the conclusion that you no longer want to be left out of this thing called the “internet revolution,” then we’re glad you found us. We’re here to help. Contact us today to find out how to get started with DotCO.