Affordable Lawyer Listings

When we built DotCO, we had a vision.

Not one of those teenage wizard looking into a crystal ball type visions, just a regular old vision.

We set out to change the way lawyers market their services on the internet. We wanted to create a whole new category…an¬†entirely¬†new and different way for attorneys to get their names in front of consumers.

We set out to change the world.

Amazon. E-bay. Apple. Facebook. Twitter. Microsoft.

We wanted to do THAT! In a much smaller way, of course. Each of those companies changed the ENTIRE world. We’re just trying to change our little corner of it. The corner where all the lawyers live and work.

Of course, time will tell whether we succeeded or not. We think we’re well on our way.

So, if you set out to change the world, even if one little corner of it, one of the things you take a really close look at is the business model.

We did just that.

Not only did we get all innovate by creating a new product (a targeted advertising opportunity with less competition and greater visibility) but we also created a product priced so competitively that every lawyer in the country could afford it. All the MBA’s jumped up and down quite a bit, but we sent them to their room without dinner and no TV.

Because we have spent so much money on internet advertising (or maybe in spite of it) we were determined to create a product that would not destroy your marketing budget. Instead, we wanted something that would flex with you, and that would accommodate the needs of your firm.

How much?


Per year.

That’s right. DotCO ads start at $500 a year.

And when we say “start at”, we don’t mean “just a few”.

Of all the DotCO ads available for purchase, somewhere 97% and 98% are $500 per year. We’re too lazy to do the actual calculations.

Here’s the specifics:

DotCO Product Pricing


We put our pricing directly on our web site. Kind of freaky huh? We’ll wait while you catch your breath…

Once you’ve got your feet back on solid ground, you might want to run right over and claim your spot before someone else does. You can place an order electronically, or we’ll be happy to walk you through the process. Give us a call or shoot us a note with the specifics of your practice and we’ll call you right a way to schedule a consultation.