10 Social Media and Marketing Gurus that Your Law Firm Should Follow on Twitter

10 Social Media and Marketing Gurus that Your Law Firm Should Follow on Twitter

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If your law firm is on Twitter, and it should be, there are many useful feeds to follow. We are interested in the ones that will help your law firm market itself. To that end, we have compiled a list of useful Twitter accounts focused on marketing and social media. We have mentioned some of these earlier in an article about legal Twitter feeds, but we feel that anything repeated was worth repeating. Although very few of us went into law school thinking of law as a business, it is. These Twitter feeds help us out with some of the stuff we missed when we were taking pre-law liberal arts classes.

  1. Kevin O’Keefe – Kevin always provides useful articles and observations about the intersection of social media and law. His tweets are often also about technology in general. We find ourselves wanting to re-tweet him a few times a day. If you plan on using social media as part of your law firm’s marketing plan, following Kevin is a great way to start.
  2. Jeff Bullas – When it comes to creating content about using social media for business, Jeff Bullas may be king. Although his feed contains little legal content, it is essential if you are trying to get a leg up in the world of social media. Jeff Bullas is the very definition of a guru.
  3. Lilach Bullock – She specializes in internet marketing and posts useful articles. More importantly, she is really nice and has written us a personalized comment every time we have re-tweeted her.
  4. TweetSmarter – Twitter may be an absolutely horrifying platform, especially for new users, but the conversation happening there is essential to the future of legal practice. TweetSmarter posts tips that make Twitter a litte less scary.
  5. Buffer – Nothing does a better job of making Twitter manageable for us than Buffer. Buffer allows you to plan out your tweets for the day so that you aren’t faced with the choice of posting many things at once or remembering to go on Twitter multiple times each day to space out your posts. Buffer also integrates with most browsers so that you can simply add tweets to your queue. We promise the app is worth playing around with. Their Twitter feed is useful as well.
  6. Marieke Hensel – Lots of great posts here. She also re-posts lots of useful information from other Twitter users.
  7. John Lichtenberger – He helps attorneys advertise and understands both legal advertising and the laws of advertising.
  8. SEO web pro – This company posts lots of great articles about optimizing your website to get great search engine results as well as other useful articles about marketing. Their links take you to a landing page, but generally you will find that the articles were worth the extra click to get to.
  9. HubSpot Platform – HubSpot is a company that specializes in inbound marketing software. They do a great job of posting useful information about technology for small businesses. Their posts are often related to social media, but cover a larger and more interesting range than that. HubSpot is definitely worth a follow.
  10. DotCO Law Marketing – If you somehow are not already following us, we invite you to start. We wouldn’t actually call ourselves gurus, but you are welcome to. We try to provide a mix of useful original content, like this blog post, as well as an aggregation of great content from other Twitter users and websites. Our focus is always on lawyers at small to medium sized law firms and providing information that makes their lives easier.

Samuel Ballen

Samuel Ballen is Social Media Manager for DotCO Law Marketing. He graduated from Tulane Law School in 2010 with a certificate in Maritime Law. He is a member of the New Jersey Bar. Samuel currently lives in New Orleans and spends his free time exploring with a camera.

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